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VersaMax Legacy Open Field - Locomotor Activity

Versamax Locomotor Activity


  • Fully Integrated System for up to 32 animals
  • Windows xp/vista/7 compatible Software
  • Powerful Windows based tools for collecting, storing, reproducing and repeatedly analyzing activity data
  • REAL TIME graphing of variables during experiment
  • Advanced se [...]


The VersaMax System utilizes powerful tools for storing and reproducing/replaying activity data for up to 32 animals, which can be repeatedly analyzed for all variables. A standard system includes: a VersaMax Monitor with horizontal X-Y sensors and optional Z sensor, VersaMax Analyzer, Windows based software and animal test chambers - a computer rounds out the set up. The system is flexible and options can be added as needed.

Staggered Start Time (skew function)

As each animal is prepared, it can be placed in its monitor so that data collection can begin immediately for that animal. The system does not need to be "loaded" with all animals before data collection can begin. This feature is vital in studies involving variables with time course ramifications.

Beam Block Checks - Diagnostics Mode

Pre-check and post-check of all beams, X Y and Z to ensure complete data collection. Should any beam be blocked, an audible alarm will sound otherwise the system remains quiet.

Retired Product Replacement

This product has been replaced by Fusion Open Field - Locomotor Activity.
Fusion has all the features of Versamax as well as a host of additional capabilities, all at a lower cost. Offered while supplies last.