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Stimulus Hub

Stimulus Hub (blue)


  • Each Stimulus Hub can Control
  • 2 Speakers for Auditory Stimulus
  • 2 LED Lights for Visual Stimulus
  • 1 Door State in a 2 Chamber Shuttle Box Partition
  • 1 Shock Grid using a scrambled "Constant Current" Shocker
  • Variable Light, Sound, and Shock Intensity and Duration
  • Any Sound Frequency from 10Hz-20,000 Hz (Pure Sine Wave)


Can Be Combined With


The Stimulus Hub is the hardware through which the Fusion System generates sensory output for the animals. It is required for either Fear Conditioning - Freeze Monitoring or ShuttleFlex Shuttle Box - Active/Passive Avoidance experiments. The hub is light, compact, and mountable on the Open Field frame.