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ShuttleFlex Shuttle Box - Active/Passive Avoidance

ShuttleFlex - Side View w/ Accesories


  • Fusion Software supports up to 16 Shuttle Boxes
  • Can be used to study both mice and rats
  • Both Active and Passive Avoidance Trials can be performed
  • Each Shuttle Box contains 2 Light and 2 Sound Sources (Conditioned Stimulus) and a fully Scrambled "Constant Current" Foot Shocker (Unconditional Stimulus)
  • The Sound System can Generate any Frequency (10Hz to 20,000Hz Sine Wave)
  • The Light, Sound and Shock Intensities are fully adjustable via the Fusion Software
  • Opening in Dividing Partition can Open/Close Automatically via Guillotine Door
  • Crossing Detection uses 16 Infrared Light Beams
  • Each Shuttle Box records its own Independent Experiment
  • Staggered Start/Stop Switchesintegrated into each cage
  • Advanced Diagnostic Utilities
  • Records Complete Experiment Data
  • Advanced Playback of Experiments
  • Adjustable Post-Experiment Sample Duration
  • Comprehensive Variable List with Selectable Units
  • Comprehensive Security Features
  • Modular and Extensible Fusion Software (Windows Xp/7/8 Compatible)
  • USB Interface/CE Compliant


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The ShuttleFlex Shuttle Box is fully automated and can be configured for simultaneous Active/Passive Avoidance studies of up to 16 animals. Each test chamber includes adjustable scrambled foot shock and light/sound sources on either half of the cage. Light (250 steps), sound (100Hz-20kHz), and shock (0.0-2.5 mA) intensities are all programmable via the Fusion Software that controls the entire experiment, processes the animal response and records the results on the PC for subsequent retrieval and analysis. Real-time status display shows each test chamber, indicating side, trial number, trial type, crossings, and current time, allowing remote monitoring of the subjects. Up to 16 test chambers may be connected to the PC via USB interface. Each test chamber is completely independent, allowing for different experiments to be conducted in each test chamber at the same time. Utilizing a staggered start feature, automatic detection of the subject can delay the experiment start until its placement into the test chamber. Removable darkened side panels, waste collection tray and interchangeable colored light lenses are available.


The walls of the Shuttle Flex Shuttle Box are made of high-grade acrylic. The grid floor is suitable for application of shock. The box is bisected by a vertical partition with an opening in the middle (near the bottom) to allow the animal to move from side to side. This opening is controlled by an automated guillotine door. Removable darkened side panels are available.

Each shuttle box includes a pair of sensor panels that form a linear array of 16 infrared light beams. These light beams determine animal position and side occupied. Located on the lid of each shuttle box are two (2) light sources (LEDs) and two (2) speakers.
Note: The Speakers can generate a pure Sine Wave Tone of any Frequency (10-20,000Hz) . The shock is of the "scrambled" type, which prevents the animals from finding a "no-shock" position on the floor. The removable grid floor and catch tray allow easy access for cleaning.

Software features

  • Fusion Software controls ShuttleFlex Shuttle Box hardware and experiments.
  • A diagnostics utility is included to test all stimuli (light, sound, shock), the optional guillotine door, and the Light Beams.


  • Adaptation Time (seconds)
  • CS UCS Interval for GO Trials (seconds)
  • UCS (Shock) Maximum Duration (seconds)
  • Intertrial Interval Minimum Duration (seconds)
  • Intertrial Interval Maximum Duration (seconds)
  • Enable ITI Shock
  • Light Intensity (0 to 250)
  • Shock Intensity (0 to 2.50 mA)
  • Stimulus Durations
  • CS for GO Trial Duration
  • CS for NO-GO Trial Duration
  • CS - Same Side
  • CS - Opposite Side
  • GO / NO-GO Sequence
  • Number of Trials
  • Response Time
  • Escape Shock
  • Avoid Shock