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Multi (Four Animal) Accelerating Rota Rod

Multi RotaRod with Laptop PC


The AccuRotor 4-Channel RotaRod is designed to conduct sophisticated coordination testing in rodents. It is an accelerating, motor driven apparatus with a grooved rotating cylinder that facilitates the animals grip. The unit is available with both standard fall height of 38cm (mouse), 40cm (rat) or a fall height of 64cm (Rat only). The AccuRotor 4-Channel RotaRod is available in a PC-Connected with-software configuration or a Stand-Alone Unit with a digital readout.

The AccuRotor 4-Channel RotaRod has different experiment types. Constant Speed and Acceleration Profile experiments are both supported by the system. Acceleration Profiles allow for custom designed profiles using an advanced PC based Profile Editor. The system tests up to 4 animals at the same time. Each of the four chambers has its own status indicator, start button, and fall detection.Large groups of animals can be tested (4 at a time) in multi batch mode. The system supports multiple trials for each animal. The rod can spin in both clockwise and Counterclockwise directions. Acceleration profiles can incorporate both clockwise and counterclockwise rotations.

Mouse and Rat Compatible: Easy to use rat adapters converts unit from mouse to rat use. Excel Compatible Result File - the system automatically stores the result of each trial in an exhaustive data file containing the following information: result of the trial, speed of the rod at which the result occurred, time duration of the trial, and trial/batch/subject/profile names.

The AccuRotor 4-Channel RotaRod provides a USB port so that its operation can be controlled from a PC (PC is available as an option). This allows experiment design and flow to be created and viewed from the PC, and results are automatically stored. This provides an unprecedented level of flexibility and ease of use to the Rota Rod system.

PC requirements

  • Windows XP/7/8
  • Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2 CPU
  • >=1 Gigabyte RAM
  • One USB port(up to 4 such units can be run from a single pc)

Physical Characteristics

  • Speed 0-100 RPM Acceleration Rate - the DC Servo Drive will accommodate virtually any acceleration rate desired
  • Rod Diameter - Mouse - 30mm (1.18")
  • Rod Diameter - Rat - 70mm(12.76")
  • Size of flanges separating individual compartments - 30cm (11.81")
  • Width of each animal compartment - 11cm (4.33")
  • Number of animal compartments - 4
  • Overall dimensions - 49cm x 48cm x 58cm (19.29" x 18.90" x 22.83")
  • Composition (rotating rod) - Solid PVC
  • Composition (unit exterior) - Anodized aluminum
  • Fall Height - Rat - 40cm (15.75")
  • Fall Height - Mouse - 38cm (15")
  • Fall Height - Tall Unit - 64cm (25.2")
  • Electrical power - Universal 115/230VAC