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Metabolic - O2 / CO2 / VO2 / VCO2 / RQ

Metabolic System Setup


  • Fusion Software Supports up to 8 Cages per PC
  • Open Circuit Calorimetry without Drierite
  • O2/CO2 Analyzers require virtually no calibration
  • Oxygen Consumption, VO2
  • Carbon Dioxide Production, VCO2
  • Respiratory Quotient, VCO2/VO2
  • Real Time Plot of All Variables (see Screen Shot)
  • Advanced Diagnostic Utilities
  • Records Complete Experimental Data
  • Comprehensive Variable List with Selectable Units
  • Comprehensive Security Features
  • Modular and Extensible Fusion Software (xp/vista/7 Compatible)
  • USB Compatible/CE Compliant


Can Be Combined With


Fusion Metabolic System uses Open Circuit Calorimetry and is ideal for measurement of Oxygen Consumption and Carbon Dioxide Production in lab animals in an open Field or in a Treadmill. With Fusion Software, the system monitors, records and plots O2, CO2, VO2, VCO2, RQ measurements every second. Archived Experiments can be reanalyzed and exported to any spreadsheet/statistical package for further analysis. Up to eight animals can be simultaneously monitored. Two, four, and six animal systems are also available.


The Metabolic System is comprised of a Metabolic Analyzer, Oxygen Analyzer, Carbon Dioxide Analyzer, a multi channel Flow Controller, Windows xp/vista/7 Based Fusion Software and air-tight Cages or Treadmills. The Metabolic System measures and stores O2/CO2 conten [...]

Experimental Process

The animal is placed in an air tight cage . Ambient air is pumped through the cage. The amount of air entering the cage is precisely measured by a Mass Flow Meter. Air entering and leaving each cage is monitored for O2 and CO2 content by zirconia and infrared sensors. Both sensors are very accurate and maintenance free. Unlike electrochemical cells, zirconia cells provide higher accuracy and do not have to be replaced. Since the System does not require the use of Drierite, multi day experiments can be easily run without user intervention. All Experiment Data is continuously monitored, displayed and stored for future analysis.


  • Animal Weight (g)
  • Reference Flow Rate (mL/min)
  • Reference O2%
  • Reference CO2%
  • Cage Flow Rate(mL/min)
  • Cage 02%
  • Cage CO2%
  • %O2 Change
  • %CO2 Change
  • VO2 (mL/Kg/min)
  • VCO2 (mL/Kg/min)
  • Respiratory Quotient (VCO2/VO2)