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Individual (Independent) Accelerating Rota Rod

RotoRod System


  • System is capable of operating up to 16 independent Test Chambers with zero interaction between animals
  • The Rods can Run in Forward and Reverse Direction
  • Rod Speeds up to 100 rpm
  • Automatic Fall Detection via PhotoBeams
  • Chambers are available with or without Shock Stimulus
  • Software Adjustable (Duration and Intensity) Foot Shock (0 to 2.5mA)
  • Hinged top covers permits easy Loading of Animal on Rods
  • Enclosed design prevents Escape
  • Removable Tray for Easy Cleaning
  • Optional Adapter Kit Converts a Mouse Rod (Dia:30mm) to a Rat Rod (Dia:70mm)
  • Windows xp/vista/7 Compatible Software.


The EzRod (Individual rotating rod System) is a valuable tool in the screening of drugs or other treatments that cause coordination, fatigue, and locomotor problems in mice or rats.

System Components

The system is comprised of Individual Test Chambers that uses infrared light beam sensors to determine when animals fall from the Rotating Rod and Windows xp/vista/7 based software to Run and Analyze data from up to 16 Test Chambers.

Diagnostics Mode

Diagnostics mode - The EzDiag software provides diagnosis for each Test Chamber (Fall Detectors,Speed and Shock Diagnoses). The software will search for and Detect all Test Chambers connected to the PC. Testing is performed with all online chambers.

Experimental Process

The system allows 16 Test Chambers per PC . The Software will automatically prompt operator/technician to load each animal by ID to a given Chamber and then run the appropriate speed/shock profile on that animal. The Individual RotaRod system allows trials to terminate based on one of two criterion: When the animal falls off the rod or when a Trial Time-Out occurs. It will record the response of the animal (trial number/speed at fall, etc.). If the animal is to be tested repeatedly, the system will prompt the operator to reload the animal until the testing is complete. If shock is to be applied, Shock Duration and Intensity are tightly controlled.
The software permits the user to Create, Store and Recall any number of Speed/Shock Profiles .Any stored Profile can be associated with a Test Protocol and will be permanently attached to the Experiment Data .
The Individual RotaRod system generates tab delimited ASCII data files that can be readily imported into statistical packages such as Microsoft Excel.