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Fusion Software

Fusion Software Recording


  • Collects Data from upto 16 Fusion Nodes
  • Auto Detects All Hardware Connected to the Nodes
  • Records Complete Experimental Data for All Hardware
  • Skew (stagger start/stop)
  • Comprehensive Variable List
  • View Variables in Real Time
  • Post-Experiment Mutable Sample Duration
  • Advanced Playback of experiments
  • Powerful Locomotor Zone Mapping Module
  • Time-Adjustable Locomotor Path Plotter w/ Multi-Path & Multi-Experiment Overlay
  • Comprehensive Security Features
  • Extensible and Modular
  • Selectable Units
  • Integrated Diagnostic Utilities
  • USB Hardware Compatible
  • Windows XP/7/8 Compatible


Can Be Combined With


Fusion Software is the heart of the Fusion System. It can Auto Detect all Sensors connected to the System. It is capable of recording and time-stamping every sensor event, and can be used to run multi-animal, multi-day experiments flawlessly. Once recorded, experiment data can be replayed and analyzed repeatedly. In addition, as improvements and additions to the software become available, archived data can be analyzed using the new features. Because of the cutting edge security and reliability features in Fusion, the user can be confident that the data is authentic and accurate. One such feature is the Fusion Diagnostic readout, which is displayed at all times . This readout displays the status of each sensor and warns against undesirable conditions.

Comprehesive Integration

Fusion Software has the ability to conduct simple and sophisticated experiments.

Some Examples of Simple Experiments:

Open Field Locomotor Behavior (Up to 32 Animals simultaneously)
Home Cage Locomotor Behavior (Up to 192 Home Cages simultaneously)
Wheel Exercise Activity (Up to 384 Wheels simultaneously)
Food/Liquid Consumption (Up to 384 stations simultaneously)
Metabolic (O2/CO2/VO2/VCO2/RQ) Activity (Up to 16 animals simultaneously)
Circling Behavior (Up to 384 animals simultaneously)
Active/Passive Shuttle Box (Up to 16 animals simultaneously)
CPP Conditioned Place Preference/Aversion (Up to 16 animals simultaneously)
Light/Dark Open Field (Up to 16 animals simultaneously)
Fear Conditioning/Freeze Monitoring (Up to 16 animals simultaneously)
Hole Poke Activity (Up to 16 animals simultaneously)

Sophisticated Experiments that involve Combinations of the above are also supported by Fusion Software. For example, Test Cages are available that permit the simultaneous monitoring of Open Field Locomotor, Food/Liquid Intake and Metabolic (O2/CO2/VO2/VCO2/RQ) Activity for up to 16 animals.

Sample Data