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Fusion Node

Fusion Node


  • Each Fusion Node contains 24 Sensor Ports
  • Sensor Ports Supply Power to and Collect Data from up to 24 Devices
  • All 24 Ports can be Connected to a Single Device Type or a Variety of Different Device Types
  • Device Types Supported : Photo Beam Arrays , Wheel Sensors , Rotometer Sensors , Weight Scales , Stimulus Hub , etc .
  • Data Rate : 100 FPS (Frames Per Second)
  • Two Built in Diagnostic Indicators - Status and Activity
  • 110 or 220 Volt Operation
  • USB Interface/CE Compliant


Can Be Combined With


The Fusion Node is the intermediary between the sensors and the Fusion Software. Each Fusion Node can connect to a Single Device Type (e.g.Wheel Sensor) attached to one or more cages or a variety of Different Device Types (e.g.PhotoBeam, Wheel, Stimulus,etc) attached to a single cage.
It supplies power to and collects data from any combination of the products listed above. It has a small, unobtrusive profile and can be physically attached to the Cage Frame. It contains a USB port to connect to the PC. The Fusion Node's simple connections to both the PC and Sensors make setup effortless.
Each Fusion Node captures 100 frames per second of data from all the devices attached to it. The Fusion Node contains two light indicators: Status and Activity - each with a unique diagnostic purpose. It is CE certified, and is capable of automatically switching between 110 Volt and 220 Volt operation.