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Exercise Products - Mouse / Rat Treadmill

4 Channel Rat Treadmill with Shock Counter


  • Compact, Light Weight, Quiet Operation
  • Precise Speed Control (0.0-99.9 mpm) with Digital Speed Indication
  • Individual Hinged Doors on each Lane for ease of Insertion and Removal of Animals
  • Slide out Trays for Easy Cleaning
  • Durable, non-slip belt
  • Adjustable Electrical Foot Shock Stimulus Included (0-2mA)
  • Each lane has its own shock (ON/OFF) control
  • Both Positive and Negative Reinforcements provided for Faster, Easier Training
  • Treadmill and Shock Bar Design Minimize Possibility of Injury and Reduces Training Time and Trauma
  • Optional Motorized Grade Adjust
  • Airtight Treadmills available for Metabolic Studies (VO2max)

Can Be Combined With


The Omnitech AccuPacer Treadmill can be used to study muscle atrophy, stress, running, fatigue, and many other exercise paradigms. Each Treadmill has an endless conveyor-type belt, driven by a DC servomotor with optical encoder for precise speed control. The animals are separated from each other by opaque partitions. The motor drive electronics permits the user to select any speed from 0 up to 100 meters per minute. The grade can be adjusted with a motorized grade adjuster. A shock grid is built into each channel, which can be used to train animals to run. The front of the treadmill is made of black acrylic so that the animals runs towards the dark. Thus, the animals are provided with both negative and positive stimuli resulting in a significantly reduced training period.
- Individual Belt Per Lane / Animal
- Independent Waste Collection Trays Per Lane
- Independent Lanes - Width 2.5" for Mouse - 4.5" for Rat
- Excercise Area = 18.75" Long
- Shock Area = 5" x
- Total Area = 23.75" x Lane Width (Per Lane)
- Air-Tight Runways (Per Lane) for Metabolic System Integration (Option)
- Includes Motorized Grade Adjust > 30 Degrees (Option)
- Internal Motorized Grade Adjust Option is built in to the unit's housing

Treadmill Models

Treadmills are available with airtight or non-airtight runways and motorized grade adjust. Treadmills can be used with the Metabolic System for O2/CO2/VO2/VCO2/VO2max studies. Available for mouse, rat, cat, dog. 2, 4, or 6 Channel Mouse treadmill. 2 or 4 Channel Rat treadmill. Please inquire about treadmills for cat and dog use.